Automate Secure File Transfers and Close Backdoor Access to The Mainframe with SSH's Data-in-Transit & IAM Solutions for the Mainframe

Implement, Manage and Monitor Your Encrypted Environment First introduced in the 1960s, the IBM mainframe is still the workhorse of enterprise IT. Like many technologies with roots in the past, mainframes were designed with little thought to security. Over time, security gaps have been addressed but there are still significant issues with respect to protecting critical information and systems from malicious activity. In many enterprises, Secure Shell (SSH) is used to address security gaps in both information transfer and system administration. It is used to end the practice of transfering sensitive data in clear text and to protect system administration from compromise. However, SSH is a protocol and not in of itself a security solution. Improper use of SSH exposes enterprises to unforeseen risks. This white paper discusses the challenges and benefits of using SSH within mainframe environments and how a solutions approach can address those challenges.

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