Customer Success: SSH Mainframe Solutions

Discover how two of the world’s largest insurance companies brought their mainframe data-in-transit and administration inline with current security and compliance requirements while retaining their legacy systems

Two US based insurance companies were facing the same challenge. Mainframe security audits reported that clear text FTP was being used to transfer sensitive financial and medical information both within their corporate networks and to external partners. This posed business risks and was in violation of internal and external security mandates (PCI, HIPAA).

They needed to ensure the security of these file transfers as soon as possible. SSH’s mainframe solutions, which include Tectia SSH for z/OS™ and Tectia SSH for Linux on SystemZ™, enabled these customers to automatically encrypt their unsecure clear text FTP transfers to and from their mainframe, Windows, Linux and Unix (AIX and Solaris) environments transparently and with no application or process changes. This allowed them to avoid costly and risky changes to their systems and achieve compliance.


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Eliminate Unsecure FTP and Meet Security and Compliance Objectives