Take Back Control and Gain Visibility Into Your SSH Environment.

Learn how this top 5 global bank reduced the risk of unauthorized access and met compliance mandates by implementing IAM controls in their Secure Shell environment

One of the largest banks in the world - with over $2.5 trillion in assets - was alerted to a security and compliance issue during an external audit. The bank utilized OpenSSH to drive thousands of mission critical transactions every day but they needed to get a handle on their identity and access controls for application-to-application and privileged users. Auditors advised management that the existence of this unmanaged authentication system was in violation of compliance mandates (MAS & SOX) and even more serious, represented an existential threat to the organization itself. SSH Communications Security's Key Discovery tool demonstrated the full scope of the problem, which was even more widespread and serious than the auditors had anticipated. The Universal SSH Key Manager solution provided centralized administration to ensure policy control over key usage, key lifetimes and authority over key creation. By regaining control of its Secure Shell environment, the company was able to reduce their overall risk and achieve compliance.

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