Mitigate Risk and Lower Operational Costs by Transitioning From an Unmanaged to a Fully Managed SSH Infrastructure

A Lack of Identity & Access Management Controls in Your SSH Environment Is Creating A Huge Security and Compliance Issue The challenges faced today by large enterprises in managing SSH user keys include manual errors in key setups, lack of removal of keys, possibility to copy keys to home directories, and no visibility as to who has the possibility to access what SSH servers. These drivers affect organizations from not only in terms of risk, however also from a compliance and cost perspective. This white paper focuses on the existing technical risks related to public key authentication and the lack of SSH user key management in enterprises. It will highlight the architecture of SSH Communications Security's Universal SSH User Key Manager (TM), address internal security risks in the architecture, and identify how they have been solved or mitigated. In doing this, it will demonstrate how the solution can affectively decrease risks faced by enterprises today in managing their SSH user keys.

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