Find out how a lack of IAM controls in encrypted networks enables successful insider attacks

With recent, high profile breaches in some of the most secure environments in the world (DoD, NSA) the ability of trusted insiders to do extensive damage to an organization's data, capabilities and reputation is now front and center. In this webinar we will look into how a lack of access controls, monitoring, auditing and forensics in encrypted networks has left organizations such as banks, retailers, insurance companies, government agencies and many more at significant risk. What this webinar will cover: The problem is bigger than you think: Current state analysis of F500 organizations with 3 real world case studies How a lack of access controls in encrypted networks creates security and compliance issues How encryption thwarts security intelligence capabilities and how to remedy this The anatomy of an insider attack: Exploiting encrypted networks How to solve the problem o Size/Scope Discovery o Access Control Remediation o Centralized Management o Continuous Monitoring o DLP enablement o Forensics

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